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We love naan bread when we have curry. This is super simple recipe, using your worktop mixer and dough hook.

Tip – I sometimes also add 1/4 finely diced onion and 1 clove garlic sautéed until soft. Tip this in when making the dough mix


500 g Bread flour

200 ml Luke warm water

7 g Fast action dried yeast

175 ml Natural, Greek plain yogurt

25 g melted Ghee

10 g salt

1 tbls onion seeds

1. Put all ingredients into your bowl in mixer. I use a kitchen Aid. With dough hook gentle start off mix gradually increasing speed. Let mix and dough (flap.. not sure what else to call it) for at least 5 min until nice and stretchy. Remove dough to oiled bowl and cover for a few hours in a warm area.

2. Next heat heavy bottom non stick pan as hot as possible. Oil hands lightly, shape dough to desired shape. Try not to be to thick or thin. About 1 cm good thickness. Throw in pan. When you can shake pan and it’s frees, flip it. I tend to flip a few times.. probably cause girls like watching me flip them. When you press on Bread and instantly springs back they are done.

3. Whilst warm brush with melted ghee.

Simple xx