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Snuggled in bed with the girls this morning, we were discussing what to have to dinner. Its a rather dreary day outside and was a laundry day.. Girls said pasta.. so we chatted and this is the result of that chat! I make my own ricotta (super easy) but you can easily replace with store bought – use 500g… but try making your own. So much nicer when fresh.


2 litres Whole milk (or try unhomogenised milk as I did so much creamier)

1 tsp Cheese salt

1 tsp Citric acid (dissolve in 1/4 cup water)


500 g plain flour

5 whole eggs

pinch of salt


55g Kale – stalks removed

3 cloves of garlic crushed

100 g parma ham (diced fine)

20 g unsalted butter

pepper to season

Egg wash for sealing pasta – 1 egg mixed

Sage Butter

150g unsalted butter

8 fresh sage leaves

  1. If you are making your own ricotta, you will need a large heavy bottom pan and a thermometer. Add milk to pan and stir in cheese salt. I start heat at medium and gradually increase. Continue stirring milk until it reaches 95C. Remove from heat and add your dissolved citric acid. It will curd quite quickly. Stir and leave in pan to cool for 30 min. Once cooled you can add to a ricotta strainer or a fine strainer or muslin to remove whey. Set aside.
  2. I will offer both options for pasta making. I swap between both depending on my mood. If food processor add dry ingredients then at medium speed add in eggs and oil til fully combined.
  3. Make the pasta by hand. Add dry ingredients and make a well in middle add eggs and gradually incorporate.
  4. Once pasta is combined begin kneading by hand. If to wet add a little flour, if dry a little water. Knead for 5 minutes until smooth and elastic leaning towards a drier dough. Set aside and wrap in cling film.
  5. To make the filling melt butter in pan. Finely chop kale and add to melted butter. after 2 minute add garlic and chopped parma ham and fry another couple minutes until softened. Set aside
  6. Combine filling and ricotta together in a bowl.
  7. To start making tortellini you will need a pasta machine and a circle cutter. You will need to do in batches and keep pasta covered that is not being used. I divide pasta into six sections. Take one section and work through machine till you reach lowest setting.
  8. On floured cutting board cut circles from your pasta. Retain scraps to be reworked at end (ensure you cover so don’t dry out). In the centre of each circle add about a teaspoon of filling. With a little brush (I use a small paint brush) pant on egg wash on 1/2 of edge of circle. Fold over pasta and seal well. To make tortellini shape, wrap the pasta around your finger and seal a corners with egg wash to seal. Fold back top slightly and place on floured board till cooking time.
  9. Cooking pasta couldn’t be easier. Boiling water and takes about 3 min. As this recipe make about 40, don’t over crowd the pan.Drain. You can always quickly refresh in boiling water just before serving.
  10. Sage butter – really simple. Med heat. Melt butter. Skim off any foam. Add sage leaves and let sizzle for a few minutes. Don’t let butter overheat it will burn.
  11. Serve pasta with a generous dressing of sage butter and lots of Parmesan and black pepper.