We love making fresh salsa. This is quick and simple one for the kids to help with and perfect their knife skill. I use a blow torch to char Corn but it can be done on a hot BBQ or grill. Ensure you chop everything to be same size.

20 small plum or cherry tomatoes (can use large too but I find smaller have more flavour) deseed and chop fine

1/2 red onion

bunch coriander

ear of fresh corn

few limes

salt & pepper

Optional chilli  to taste

orange pepper )I use because of colour contrast)

This is so simple. Char the corn then cut from ear and add to large bowl. Chop all othe veg and add to Corn. Squeeze in lime juice (mix and taste add more if needed). Add chopped coriander and Salt & pepper. Mix well and let stand for hour before service. Easy Peasy!